Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On journalism/journalists

need to say few things on this gorgeous profession/ always excited with bitter, overcritical & emotional response from the non-journalists and prejudices. We have to admit this is mythical profession, by all means. Legendary. When I was applying to Annenberg school of journalism I was very thrilled to join their course on image oh journalist in Hollywood movies. Wow! Yes, there is a myth on being journalist which can be compared with great sports careers, politicians, care racers, scientists, super models, writers and any other public figure.
Journalism is likes sport championship/ makes you be better of yourself everyday, makes you better informed, enlarges your views and, more then that, puts your point of view and moral judgement on trial. On the other hand, there is so fast gratification/ comes in less then 24 hours. You always know/ when you have dunked and made your competitors suffer great deal! And so know everyone else That is all part of media magic. You travel. You meet people.You drink and you smoke and then you quit all that stuff. Then you start again:) You make great acquaintances for life, you have chance to talk with people who meter and more then that/ you have chance to ask them every possible thing . Also, those conversations continue often even when the recorder is off. Being journalist put you in the eye of the storm personally/ you face inner limitations and have to fix them as you have to face deadlines, pressure, burn out. You face consequences of your words and work . Sometimes you change things for better. Unfortunately, sometimes people who just work as journalist/ but are not true journalist/ they make things ugly. We've seen a lot of that in Serbia and in neighbor countries.
But still/ proud to be journalist. Also a writer/ published author, in anthologies../I respect my journalistic work and experience A LOT. It gives to the writer data, experiences, sharpness, focus, moral edge, faces and places, power and need to change quickly point of view.... People often make comparison between those two professions on the expense of journalism. Oh, no sirs! Great writers are great writers/ they can express themselves in every possible way!
This mean remarks have to do with envy/ journalist have aura. Like olive branch crown/ that' how people secretly feel about media people. They don't fantasies anymore about life of writers/ they are considered freaks for centuries.
But, journalists they embody all the mysteries following life of great writers combined with everyday fuss of fast living and novelty,simply they are more flash and blood then writers. They are heroes and I know what it takes to have great story and be the first one to announce something that meters to all of us.
For Serbian crowed and journalistic quilt in the war coverage and provoking the war/it is important that you understand/ there were volunteers in all media ready to do that. No genuine journalist was ever on the side of the war. In journalism, as in all other profession there are mercenaries.
Also need to point one more thing/ journalism makes you at the same time outsider and important critic. No other professon gives this double perspecitve: being in and being apart, being social and antisocial, being opinion maker and just observer, at the same time.
Shall I add know that famous sentence/
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