Sunday, March 20, 2011

On AI, SK and other women of greatness

Tonight in Belgrade poets are gong to mark Worlds poetry day, by very colorful and vivid concept developed by Serbian poet Ana Ristovic.
I have chosen to read someone else's poetry. I enjoy honoring great writers, who are my building blocks. I have chosen AI, as symbol of all those women who made difference in my life. It would- could have been disaster, for someone like me, if we didn't have chance to read this kind of genuine feminine poetry. Things would be , for me, personally more rough. They made me stable and proud and sticking to my own thing. I am not saying I would't be here without them, for example my youth trip to London in my twenties was also experience of my life/put me in perspective, years in journalism, a number of great people... many more things made me the way I am now.
BUT those female voices were truly precious / i understood then as I know now great truth: disadvantages are advantages! This is the catch.
You can't scare me easily- thanks to my great witnesses. I am sure men don't understand this kind of voices and the thing what we gained for ourselves, maybe only a few good and nice and open men who encourage us do so. But as my great friend SK, american poet, says there hadn't been too many of them. Never will be.
In Serbia it is not nice to say aloud you'r feminist/ mostly because of very low level of understanding in media of modern processes in general. Women are also part of this conspiracy/ pointing very often in public they are not feminist. I also hate labels and maybe would say I am not feminist, cause I feel myself multifaceted but, yes I am going to resist and endure anybodies pettiness and discrimination firmly and permanently.
Man who don't tolerate us being appointed editor/in/chiefs, CEO's, generals, bishops or directors and so on/ those man are bullies. They bully other guys too. Women can bully other women and men too.
That's why feminine writers mean a world. Gender means also, cause gender is/was problem, check Vida report.
So I will recite the poem Woman to a man tonight, by AI. I could recite as well Wallace Stevens also or Novica Tadic/ because of their grandeur.
But as daily Blic quoted AI is my choice I will gladly read AI, cause I've always liked her poetry.
For example how she was so ladylike when she wrote motto "To Willam Dafoe, my Muse this time"...and so on. my Muse THIS TIME- Wow!

For now I am honoring AI cause she passed away, last March and cause she is a part of me.


  1. hey thanks so much for this wonderful post. i have never read Al (i'm ashamed to say) but i love the ones you posted. will find more & more about her. okok. . .love ya. . sk

  2. I love the generosity of this post and am so glad to have found your good soul on Twitter. --Mary

  3. dear girls, thank you both for enjoying my poetry monologue!