Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor of mine

Huge and massive response of media and people all around the world on the news of death of beautiful goddess Elizabeth Taylor was not surprise. She was the model of person larger then life.
My personal affection for this grande dame come not from her artistic background, which is huge and made her a legend but more from her lifestyle, energy, feminine aura and power of rebirth.
Her marriages are fascinating. Divorces, also. Double wedding with Richard Burton- priceless, like entire relation which seemed pretty genuine for film industry world.
I loved the way she was getting old, no drama pure example of getting old like cathedral. Always keeping strong feminine caprices , like when she was marrying truck driver hunk, with blonde hair. No, she was not embarking marriage in the old age trying to make safe contract with some male zombie of her age, to keep her company till death them apart and unplug her from the respiratory machine & give her proper funeral. Oh, no. She lived her seventies like she was moody prom queen.
In the rainy days/ and there are number of them when you are queen/, depressed, she was sitting at home, in her pajamas, not answering the phone, gaining g weight, eating tones of chocolate, running her race to Betty Ford clinic. Oh, how I loved her zero diets, solely with a lot of alcohol!(Yes, I've tried it, by chance!) Next moment she was like phoenix raising from the ashes in her super sexy evening gowns, attending number of charity dinners and social gatherings, fighting AIDS. Or she was proposed and appeared on the cover poages one more time with bridal tiara and diamonds. Chocolate this time was only a marital aphrodisiac, as well as diamonds!
This kind of vital feminine energy for me is a as you like to say EPIC, that empty word, except when applied on ET!
If I had chance to live in Hollywood almost certainly I would do my best to to meet her, as journalist.
Did we had anything in common/ if the small can be compared with grand/ as Latins used to say? Oh, yes we did. I now you are laughing now, but I don't care, cause you are not her. We share same astro conjunction Venus- Uranus, which always brings exciting private and emotional life. So I understand to some extent her life zest, being reborn every single day, her transformations and rejuvenations, fun and legendary, royal love life.
Now , want to say Good buy, one and only Elizabeth Taylor.
I love you.
I respect you.
I envy you.

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