Saturday, December 5, 2009

Beauvoir, Sartre and the rest of us

2.Sex book is my task for the end of the week. Will appear in Serbia again 2010, publishing house Plavi jahac. First edition 1982, but just because the script was held in the draw of the chief editor who was no eager to publish it. Huge success in ex Jugoslavija, almost bestseller, considered sacred book- challenge you to find you the book in antiques shop.
My story will appear next week. Like this kind of stories, recreating specific patches of cultural history in Serbia. Everyone needs it- seniors to regain self respect, juniors to start loving their tortured and devastated homeland and it's interesting and unique cultural past.
There is catch with this kind of complex stories - they haunt you. Journalist, lets say writer is always prey of identifications - so I am driven one more time to rethink why the woman and man can't share same amount of freedom at the some time. There is never enough for both of them.
Nowadays De Beauvoir strange sexual habits are not secret, not even the thing Sartre was real predator and womanizer.But still, he was the object of infinite adoration, for her. Heavy.
Their pact is kind o modern fairytale, grand style, challenging. But, don't we all girls long for a male to whom we can come back from time to time to rejuvenate faith in deep emotional belonging, without formal woes which always appear to be not so committing. This is best anti rides treatment, hah! Make you able to maintain that high horse position and look for the real thing as long as it takes and more important- as long as you want.

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