Sunday, November 29, 2009

For my Brazilian friend

so finally there is catch why to write a blog. Because I have friend reader. Rare one to whom I was brought by common interest in special section of feminine writing.
Lately, after all I've been through examining feminine perspective in literature, not just Serbian, made me tired and disappointed.For number of reasons it is false, inadequate
We can't say women are entitled to better understanding or experiencing or describing issues.But,they are different and to be respected for this mater and let alone. My late friend, Zarana Papic. who died recently gave me the only valid definition of feminism/ it is battle for human individuality, in this case feminine individuality. Period.
So I excluded nowadays everything in connection with feminine studies in Serbia.
But, then all came back to me from unexpected direction, from my young, sophisticated Brazilian friend, writer, journalist, sociologist. She seems genuinely thrilled with this stuff and brings me new old perspective, because I believe her.


  1. MsBelgrade, I understand sometimes we get disappointed and tired. Besides, there is this incredible thing about feminism, I think, that it really did not have to be a battle. But it has gone this way, and it is a valid one, because we, women of today's world, can't imagine what brought our grandmas and their moms to follow it. I trully believe that a world were men and women can be heard and can realise their personal dreams and talents in freedom will be a more fair world. Je t'embrasse.

  2. Hey, you changed you picture. Looks happy and pretty.