Sunday, January 2, 2011

Partying with Voltaire

So the beginning of the new year sounds like classic La vie en rose, to tell the truth, every time I get a bit drunk and dizzy, I sing this song, laud or silent.
The year 2010 has been one of the most exciting and surprising ones, so I am anxious to see and hear from 2011:) Dear, could there be more of THIS? Wow,I will keep ready and steady 363 days to realize that.
On writing - Hm,I did published second book of poetry, after so long and I will try to be quicker considering poetry/ cause the way I read, I hear,I infuse words in my mind is of poetic sort/ I realized this morning while reading Voltaire's Dictionary. In my mind this Cristal cut cynicism and, lets say rationalism/ sounds like bunch oh verses, poems in prose. And I've picked up few things for good, besides this elegant, smart, cool attitude of his. No one can be so arrogant as French thinkers and Voltaire is one of the kind.BUT he is good, extremely modern. He would devastate modern world of media and communication/ we would never be able to put it back together, if by any chance he could be reborn.And he would be great TV presenter.
Yes, dear old world I am absolutely positive it is time for the classics/ I am into Voltaire, and very good writer friend is for long time obsessed with Montaigne/ this one is much on vogue in the global perspective.I hope he will provide essay on Montaigne soon and I am sure he will devastate but also repair current Serbian landscape of madness, sadness and lost track.
French rationalism was my huge building block, as teenager I enjoyed on and on this beautiful way of thinking in old family library of my gran-gran pap's. Loved them all and felt at home reading timbre but sobering words of those guys, seems I was a bit serious girl.(OK,I had a crash on Marc Bolan, so i was not completely lost) Now, as fully adult it is time to party again with all of theme Montaigne, Voltaire,La Roschefoucauld which perhaps has to do with my journalistic side. In fact writer and journalist do connect in this kind of writing.
Seems I am starting to write blog for real.
New thing, thank you 2011!
PS I am overjoyed when machines and spellcheckers go mad with this French names, oui!

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