Saturday, January 2, 2010

Delights of interviewing writers

In this year I'll be doing first interview with world famous scholar and writer.In spite all experience feeling anxious am I going to live up to the demands of such achievement.
Surprised once again how the greatest authors and celebs are most easy to deal with. Charmed with his noble interest in our story. Honored with this kind of inteviews.They polished my rough edges and helped me curve my inner voice,in presence of significant other.One of the genuine advantages provided by journalism. The only place where you can grow every time you face new story.


  1. I am so impressed by the way you believe in journalism. I am a journalist without any beliefs. I feel so sorry for that, because mainly I do it to pay the bills. Not that I don't work well, but I can only see ideology and mediocrity in the backstage. And this make me sad. At the same time, I love interviewing people and writing about them, no matter who they are. Meeting people and their stories is, for sure, the best thing ever.

  2. I understand backstage problem, but it is just smaller annoying cost for privilege to meet personally all those characters larger than life. And having chance to ask them all possible questions and to feel their aura from the first hand- not just from their writings or reading about them- well his is truly elevating.

  3. You make me see things as for a long time I haven't seen. Opening my eyes, I can see you are completely right.